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Option 1: The Starter Package: Traditional Billing


-No computer, software, Internet access or computer skills needed.

-Low start up costs: ($100 is typical).

-The virtual assistant/billing service use their own software and clearinghouse account to electronically file claims.

-No immediate self serve access to practice management data by the therapist, but instead communication is by phone, fax, email or mail. Typically monthly reports are provided with monthly invoices.

-May allow you to get started with little risk, low cost, and become familiar with the biller before upgrading to one of the better ways to get your billing done.

-If you choose a biller who also offers web-based billing or telecommunting using your software, you can switch easily to one of the other options, usually without having to pay another provider set up fee.

-If later you choose to switch to the telecommuting virtual assistant model of service delivery purchasing your own license for the same program your biller uses, your database may be able to be simply be moved to your own computer, without incurring any additional patient set up fees for your current clients, because your patients are already set up in your database.

-If later you choose to switch to the web-based package or a telecommuting package utilizing a different software than what your biller has used, each patient would need to be added to the new billing system.  You may incur a new patient set-up fee for each patient or a new provider set up fee for the software or for the clearinghouse. 

This medical billing referral service is in the process of being revised, due to lack of time as I run my own practice. Currently I am only making referrals to one biller, Cindy Dicara, who has done work for me and whom I have also consistently received good reports from other therapists in prior surveys.

You can reach Cindy at Patient Medical Claims Assistance LLC, 1-888-653-3933 ext 506. Or email her at


"I have been in private practice over ten years and have learned the hard way how to get medical billing done. I found a better way to get my mental health billing done, and I'm willing to share...." 


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