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Option 3  The Telecommuting Virtual Assistant Option

- You get a virtual assistant to bill directly from your office with your software, doing things your way and maintaining all you current data. If you have the capacity for electronic billing in your software, your biller may be willing to use the same software that you have already been using to do your own billing.

-You provide the billing and remote access software.

-If you choose to use our recommended software, Office Therapy software which is designed especially for therapists, you get a very robust system with information and reports for marketing purposes which are very valuable in growing your practice and not attainable in a web based service. You also can buy the clinical electronic recordkeeping software, QuicDocs, to save you additional time and office space. The Office Therapy software is a little more complicated to learn than the web-based system, but is still not difficult for most therapists and has many more functions. We use Office Therapy software very efficiently for our own private practices at Wichita Counseling and Coaching Center.

-Authorization tracking is included if you choose a software like Office Therapy software. The contract watch feature of Office Therapy can alert you when you have less than three visits left or less than two weeks before the end date of an authorization.

-For a practice with several providers, this option may be less expensive than the web-based system.

-You have total control and immediate access to your database, which resides on your own network.

- You may enter data, make changes, see the data or print reports or statements at any time.

-With the right software, this option can save you the most of your precious time. Because of this, for therapists with successful practices, it may be the most cost effective option.

-Depending on which software and clearinghouse you use, you can have Electronic Remittance Advice, which can free you from having send every EOB to your biller.

-If you have multiple computers networked with a network version of the software, then the therapist, biller and receptionist can all access the software and work with the data at the same time.

-If you have software residing on only one computer, only one user can access the data at one time.

-If you already have software and a clearinghouse, there is little start up cost for this option. If you do not already have software you want to use, an investment in software is necessary.

This medical billing referral service is in the process of being revised, due to lack of time as I run my own practice. Currently I am only making referrals to one biller, Cindy Dicara, who has done work for me and whom I have also consistently received good reports from other therapists in prior surveys.

You can reach Cindy at Patient Medical Claims Assistance LLC, 1-888-653-3933 ext 506. Or email her at


"I have been in private practice over ten years and have learned the hard way how to get medical billing done. I found a better way to get my mental health billing done, and I'm willing to share...." 


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