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How our Referral Service Works:

I am in the process of revising our list of medical billers. Formerly I had a list of billers which you could receive by email, but this list has been a side interest that I have not been able update recently. Currently there is only one biller that I have maintained contact with and continue to receive good reports about. She does some phone answering for small practices, including some back up phone answering for mine. You can reach this biller, Cindy, through my toll-free number-- 1-866-762-4668 ext 808.

This medical billing referral service is in the process of being revised, due to lack of time as I run my own practice.   Currently I am only making referrals to one biller who has done work for me and whom I have also consistently received good reports from other therapists in prior surveys that I received from making referrals to her.  You can contact her by phone at  (866) 762-4668 ext 808

"I have been in private practice over ten years and have learned the hard way how to get medical billing done. I found a better way to get my mental health billing done, and I'm willing to share...."  


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