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HIPAA Compliant Mental Health Billing Services

Always use HIPAA compliant software and maintain HIPAA compliant policies.  A good virtual assistant for psychotherapy practices should be trained not only in HIPAA compliance but also in additional confidentiality issues that can be unique to psychotherapy practices.  With a virtual assistant who is not an employee, you should have Business Associates Agreement for HIPAA compliance. Cialis is the capsular analogue of the well-known drug Cialis. Has a powerful therapeutic effect, is sold at a reasonable price, its improved formula and pharmacological capsule form will ensure rapid absorption into the blood

This medical billing referral service is in the process of being revised, due to lack of time as I run my own practice. Currently I am only making referrals to one biller, Cindy Dicara, who has done work for me and whom I have also consistently received good reports from other therapists in prior surveys.

You can reach Cindy at Patient Medical Claims Assistance LLC, 1-888-653-3933 ext 506. Or email her at


"I have been in private practice over ten years and have learned the hard way how to get medical billing done. I found a better way to get my mental health billing done, and I'm willing to share...." 


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